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A diagnosis of cancer is unexpected and upsetting.  Your primary care veterinarian may refer you to Animal Emergency and Specialty Center to determine if chemotherapy is a viable option for you and your family member.  We are here to help you through this difficult time and prepare a customized treatment plan to address your pet’s needs.

Treating cancer with medication, as opposed to surgery or radiation, is especially helpful when the cancer in question has spread beyond one body area. Using medication allows the body’s blood vessels to carry the medication to remote or otherwise inaccessible areas. This form of treatment is called chemotherapy. Dr. Ashley Stucky has taken a special interest in cancer medicine, specifically chemotherapy, and is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art treatment options for pets with cancer.  Recent advances in diagnostic and treatment capabilities have allowed for more individualized approaches to veterinary cancer care, leading to more successful outcomes. 

Chemotherapy can be a difficult experience for many people.  It is important to know that in our animal companions, the experience is usually very different. Most patients enjoy a very good quality of life while undergoing therapy. 

Oncology Services offered:

How to schedule an appointment:

Appointments must be made in advance and can be scheduled by calling (775) 851-3600 .  Phone consultations are not offered because we need to see your pet in order to advise you.

In addition to your visit(s), we recommend that you maintain your relationship with your primary care veterinarian for medical issues unrelated to cancer.  All records will be shared with your veterinarian upon discharge.  Please continue to administer monthly heartworm and flea preventatives, although we ask that you avoid giving or applying them within 24 hours of any chemotherapy treatment.  Annual vaccines should be discussed with your veterinarian, but avoided within 24 hours of any chemotherapy treatment.  Regular vaccination for rabies is required by law.

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