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In-House Laboratory

Animal Emergency and Specialty Center has a full in-house laboratory on site. Using advanced technology, we can quickly diagnose your pet’s issue and treat accordingly. At our hospital, we have the ability to run comprehensive blood chemistry panels, complete blood counts (CBC’s), test for heartworm, test for viral infections (FeLV/FIV, Parvovirus), and run clotting times, amongst other diagnostics. We are able to share the results of these tests with you in a few minutes and can respond immediately if treatment is needed.

We also work with a complete reference laboratory that has the ability to run all diagnostic tests. Samples are picked up at the hospital multiple times a day, allowing for rapid turnaround of test results.

We are now doing Thromboelastographic (TEG) blood clotting testing

TEG is a non-invasive test that quantitatively measures the ability of whole blood to form a clot. The principle of this in vitro test is to detect and quantify dynamic changes of the viscoelastic properties of a blood sample during clotting under low shear stress.

Thromboelastography gives a more complete evaluation of blood clotting over traditional testing. This ability enables us to diagnose and monitor blood clotting disorders associated with trauma and severe inflammatory disease earlier and more completely than with traditional clotting tests.

Lacuna Testing

Lacuna testing allows for our hospital to do digital cytology giving our pet owners fast, accurate diagnosis when their pet is sick. The digital cytology solutions radically reduce the time it takes to get the answers that our clients need. Digital cytology allows us the ability to basically have an in-house clinical pathologist with the ability to provide answers in often hours instead of days to weeks.

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