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Canine Reproductive Services

The Animal Emergency and Specialty Center is pleased to announce that we will be offering canine reproductive services!

Our reproductive service will be administrated by a two-person team consisting of Dr. Sarah Hileman and Kim Lovett, LVT. Dr. Hileman has interest and experience in purebred dogs, canine reproduction and dog-sports. She is excited to be able to use this passion to help your clients achieve their breeding goals. Kim is a long-time breeder of Champion Dobermans and has been instrumental in bringing canine reproductive services to Reno.

Our Reproductive Services will include:

AESC is currently the only hospital in the area to offer trans-cervical insemination. This is a standing procedure that usually requires no sedation and allows for the deposition of fresh, chilled or frozen semen directly into the uterus. This greatly increases conception rates and litter sizes from chilled semen when compared to vaginal AI and is the only insemination technique suitable for frozen semen that does not require a surgical procedure.

Appointments can be scheduled by contacting us at 775-851-3600 and speaking with Kim Lovett, or a contact request can be made by emailing the team at:

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